How much time to get my Company on Managed Services?


  • Assume 30 days to bring your company onto Managed Services
  • Set up all tools and reporting for Managed Services.
  • Determine detailed escalation procedures and personnel.
  • Production of detailed documentation of your current environment.
  • Determine the state of your technology and risks to your business.
  • Determine the state of your security.
  • Evaluation of existing policies (e.g. change management, access, admin, password, retention, etc.).
  • Delineate the options/budget for optimizing your technology.
  • Create initial IT roadmap with current and future states.

How will Managed Services elevate my Business?


Ensure Technology is current and aligns with business goals

  • Update and maintain IT & Security best practices and policies.
  • Executing and updating of the IT roadmap.
  • Co-management of 3rd party IT relationships and all IT vendor support contracts.
  • Staff training as needed.

How will I know what is being accomplished?


  • A daily notification of the status of your technology.
  • Monthly review of detailed reports highlighting:
    • executive summary;
    • Detailed IT and Security performance;
    • all past and planned maintenance activity; and
    • status of backups/DR and any testing.
  • Quarterly business/budget plans.
  • New product reviews with optional presentations.

How does my Company stay Secure?


Ongoing end user security training

  • Periodic penetration and vulnerability testing.
  • Updating architecture & policies.
  • End user security training.
  • Instituting security monitoring and response.
  • Regularly scheduled security reports & reviews.

How will my Company budget for IT?


Forecasting of all:

  • aged out IT solutions and products.
  • new IT projects.
  • technology support contracts.
  • additional staffing.

How much will Managed Services cost my COMPANY?


The following costs are meant to be a reliable benchmark of assumed costs:

  • Assume for a company of 40 persons the estimated cost will be approximately $8/hour paid as a monthly fee.
  • Assume for a company of 80 persons the estimated cost will be approximately $15/hour paid as a monthly fee.
  • Assume for a company of 160 persons the estimated cost will be approximately $27/hour paid as a monthly fee.
  • There will be no cost for:
    • vacations, holidays,
    • sick days,
    • benefits and
    • no cost for your trained employee’s who leave with your institutional knowledge.

What is my Business Return on Investment with Managed Services


Improved overall business performance:

  • Service level agreements met and exceeded lead to minimized interruptions to business/employees &significant increases in business productivity.
  • Cost savings of 24 x 7 scalable staffing and skills for complex systems and security.
  • Cost savings of enterprise tools required to properly monitor/manage/remediate technology.
  • Execution of maintenance tasks that neglected, are root causes of performance and security issues.
  • Accurate data for analysis, planning and ever improving delivery of technology and business results.
  • Prevention of security events with appropriate and monitored layered security defenses.
  • Projects deployed and managed as planned.
  • Proper planning and executive reviews for business & technology goals, roadmap and budget.